1/4″ or 0.25” BSP Brass Compression Gland


2 off 1/4″ or 0.25” Brass Compression Gland

(1 for each end of element)


Our 1/2″ long, 1/4″ or 0.25”Brass Compression Gland is ideally suited to house our 8mm elements.

###Sold in PAIRS as you need 2 per element###

They can be added to your order fitted at approximately 1″ from terminals, or bagged for you to fit yourself.

Please add these to your order when they are suggested additions during the Checkout process.

They will appear as “You may be interested in…” when you view your Cart.

If you do not contact me to tell me otherwise, they will be fitted.

Please contact me on 01827 215684 anyway, as I despise banks & their 2% charges.

Remind me to give you a discount or free delivery or somesuch, as a reward for your efforts!

Background information.

Industrial Heating elements are a resistance coil wire (producing heat, like a filament in an old light bulb). Further, this is encased in magnesium oxide (the white powder, compacted by rolling down from 10mm to 8mm, for protection of wire & insulation purposes, bizarrely). This is further encased in a usually stainless steel tube. For more detailed written explanation, click here. For a video explanation by some bloke with a really boring voice, click below.

Just for clarification, an Immersion Heater (see below) is 3 such elements, further housed on a screwplug, with a terminal box housing the connections. If you need Immersion Heaters, call Jamie on 01827 215684. Or possibly visit our sister site ImmersionHeaters.uk and have a browse.

3 U bent element immersion heater
3 U bent element immersion heater
We can supply elements to your exact length, power output and shape requirements (see above). However, as dimensions and accuracy are critical, it’s best we have a conversation about your needs. So call Jamie on 01827 215684 to discuss your needs.