Heating Elements UK Ltd Contact

Heating Elements UK Ltd Contact is Jamie, who is always free for a chat on 01827 215684, or via email at ImmHtr@Gmail.com or Jamie@ImmersionHeaters.uk

Jamie River Swimmer
Heating Elements UK Ltd Contact – Jamie River Swimmer

If you have an open mind & an inquiring nature, your call is unlikely to be short.

We are based in Sunny Tamworth, with UK suppliers of Heating Elements, Immersion Heaters & Vat Heaters, so no mad 12 week leadtimes or bullsh1t about when your order will turn up.

Stock elements, immersion heaters & vat heaters will be a coupla days max.

Bespoke stuff will be a coupla weeks max.

If you are in the brown & smelly stuff & losing £millions due to the lack of forsight in buying a spare, you can jump the queue on bespoke & have stuff in a coupla days, but will pay a 50% premium for the privilege of jumping said queue. So, buy a spare.

Just for clarity purposes, Jamie is Immersion Heaters UK Ltd, HeatingElements.co.uk & Brewery Heaters.co.uk are websites allowing me to play G##gle & Bong at their own SEO game. I don’t wanna give them £1 a click for adverts, as they don’t pay their taxes, and I have to.