Refund and Return policy.

Our products are of guaranteed high quality.

You are paying for “Fit & Forget” functionality.

If goods do not work on first installation, this is a manufacturing fault and we will replace like for like immediately & without prejudice. On stock Items this will be 2-3 days, bespoke items 2-3 weeks.

You will need to inform us by phone on 01827 215684 within a week of delivery of any such fault.

We will deliver your replacement Free of Charge, and collect the faulty item at same time of this delivery, so please retain your packaging.

We want any failed items back to learn lessons, in order to improve & evolve.

If a heater works when installed, and dies soon after, then local circumstances have lead to it’s demise. This can be chemicals, dosing rates of chemicals, solution level drop exposing hot element to air, or any number of other, usually human related, reasons. IHUK cannot be held responsible for such delayed failures.